Sally Willoughby


It would be easy and inspirational to say that I am now fully cured of anorexia and bulimia. Or, with the snap of the fingers, my life was suddenly perfect again! Unfortunately, you can’t take a magic pill to undo your eating disorder. There is so much more involved than most of the general population understands. What I can say is that I no longer revolve my life around food and negative body image thoughts. Do I think about those things from time to time? Of course! I am human, and I am a woman. It is nearly impossible to escape the standards of “beauty” and expectations of how we should look and act as women. However, after doing some major soul searching, getting professional help and implementing the skills I learned daily, my eating disorder is no longer in charge of my life.

I am in charge of MY LIFE!

About 6 years ago, when my eating disorder was at its worst, my now husband and I finally decided that I needed to get professional help. I began seeing a therapist. She gave me all sorts of things to work on. Every time I would feel the urge to binge, I began finding some other distraction to take my mind off of it – I would call a family member, go for a walk, journal, call friends to go hang out, anything to minimize the thoughts about bingeing. I also had the most amazing support system of close friends, my family and my husband to cheer me on and help me discover my healthiest self again.

Little by little, these actions took hold started to work, but what was one of the most life changing moments for me is when I decided to pursue a certification in health coaching. I knew I had a story to tell and wanted to actually help individuals going through similar battles. This program changed everything. It ignited a passion in me to pursue, live and breathe health and wellness. I learned the things that truly feed your mind, body and soul are relationships, finding your passion (career), physical activity and spirituality. Then, the food we eat will come secondary. If only I would have known about this simple yet genius concept 10 years ago! 


I am now able to spread this message and help women find real balance and happiness in their lives. Although my story is a difficult one, I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. I now know that all my clients also have their own, unique story to tell, and it is a privilege to get to listen and be a part of their health journey. I am blessed to be doing this as my job and I love witnessing my clients achieve goals they never thought possible!

Like I said, you are never cured from this disease. It is now a part of me that I cope with every single day. However, the difference is I don’t let it control my life anymore. I don’t revolve my life around thoughts about my food, or gaining weight. I revolve my life around strong relationships, my work (which is fortunately my passion), my spirituality and getting outside, enjoying nature and being active. By being my happiest, strongest, most balanced self, I am much more able to ignite that same fire in my clients.

​You learn my example, and I strive to be the best, most authentic example every single day for my clients.

To me, an Alpha Maiden is someone who radiates strength, both mentally and physically. An Alpha Maiden is not afraid to get knocked down, because she has the grit and drive to get back up, overcome adversity and achieve her aspirations.


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