Dr. Hillary Lampers


​My name is Dr. Hillary Lampers and I am a Naturopathic doctor who has spent the last 24 years dedicating myself to the natural health sciences and the study of the human body.

Food, movement, relationships, and a connection with nature are very important to me, and empowering women to take wonderful care of themselves has always been a great love of mine.   

I am the founder of Sky Valley Healing Arts in Snohomish, WA, and co-creator of the Hunt Harvest Health Podcast with my husband of 21 years, Ryan. 

Together we advocate for knowing where your food comes from , working together in life, love, and family.  Our brand, The StHealthy Hunter, revolves around self sufficiency, backcountry adventures, and our love for food. When not seeing patients, you will find me in the garden, cooking, practicing archery, yoga, and being Mom to our two daughters. 

To me, an Alpha Maiden is a woman who is living her potential, no matter her past. She forgives herself and strives for a healthier mind, body, and spirit. I never gave up on my dreams- I faced my faults- and continually ask for grace in all life’s lessons- this is what makes me an Alpha Maiden.


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