Michelle Rycroft


I am a wife, mom, grandma, business owner, and former professional “diet and exercise hopper” who understands the challenges of being 40lb overweight after giving birth and the damage repeated sense of failure could cause in your confidence and self-esteem.

I was never much of a “fitness” person as a child or an adult.  I was actually the chubby kid in school and for many years, I was bullied because of it.  I never played sports unless forced to.  PE was the worst, no?

I have battled with my weight and body image for years.  I hated going to the gym because people would judge me.  I’ve been on numerous diets from diet pills as a teen to Jenny Craig as an adult.

Believe me when I say I know how you feel. CAUSE I DO.

The fitness industry was failing me. It’s failing all of us. Unless your goal is to be supermodel thin with diets and extreme measures, there isn’t much out there for the average Jane.

And by no means are you average.

But I’m sure you want to:
– Feel really good about yourself and your health
– Be able to keep up with your kids
– Have more energy
– Not stress about clothes shopping
– And eat gelato without someone giving you the “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” speech


And so Ripped by Rycroft was born through my drive to create a space that my past self and those like me would want to be, a place that makes the journey one of hope and success, not of shame and defeat. My mission is to help women gain strength & confidence through strength training & habit-based nutrition practices that keep them off the diet cycle so they can go from deprivation to moderation.

I have a passion to show other women how it’s possible to make long-lasting changes to their lifestyle and feel good in their own skin. Sustainability and balance are key.  I hold my client’s hand through this process to help them create good nutrition habits that are sustainable for a lifetime.

I pride myself on focusing on their individual needs. Based on their current nutrition habits, fitness level, and goals, I create a plan that is tailor-made, fits within their lifestyle and is flexible enough to adapt it to unexpected schedule changes. Enjoying the journey is a very important part of the big picture; you won’t be able to sustain your fitness routine if you hate every minute of it.

When I think of the term Alpha Maiden, I think of a woman who is empowered, strong (mentally and physically), bold, and a leader. She is courageous and stands up for those around her. She is the ultimate girl boss in every sense of the word.


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