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Janelle Teta

Women are so insanely beautiful and powerful.  By nature, we are more analytical and intuitive.  We are better multi-taskers.  We are empathetic, nurturing, creative thinkers and communicators.  

I am often baffled at what little regard we give to ourselves and how often we let the world dictate who we should be.
I’ve had a fairly juicy life sprinkled with some gut-wrenching traumas.  I’ve struggled and overcome and struggled again.….and overcome.  It may sound odd, but I expect that it will always be this way and I’m grateful.  My most challenging hardships have always been wellsprings of opportunity, learning and growth.  I see them more as “learning places” now.     
There are many people who have had it far worse than I, yet they consider my story inspiring.  

  ”…one of marked resilience.”

“The ability to turn the tragedy of abuse and addiction into triumph.”   

There is no doubt that physical & emotional abuse, eating disorders and addictions are high on the scale of soul-crushing experiences, but I think inspiration is found in the parts of my story where I had a choice-  

either resign myself to circumstance or harness new strength from it.

It sounds so matter-of-fact saying it that way, and I realize it isn’t.  It wasn’t!

We are rarely taught the skills and practice of things like self-awareness. Or how to build up our emotional intelligence, cognitive flexibility, and resilience.  

There certainly isn’t a shortage of “quotes to live by” and entrepreneurs shouting at us to just “do what they do and chase the dream” to be happy and financially free.   All well-intended, I’m sure, but very few are teaching us how to develop new thought habits, build confidence, or why we need to understand vulnerability and shame before we can even dip our toe into things like courage and toughness.  

That’s why I love coaching and what has inspired me to create #resilientAF.   Because realistically, we can’t chase after any new thing if we don’t have the know-how to stop chasing our own tail, first.

The ease and happiness of deep love, fulfilling work, a body we feel confident in and a life that feels abundant, don’t happen by chance, or luck of the draw.  We earn them.  And we don’t get very far without making self-development a priority.

Eventually we learn how to make the right investments and we continue to do the work long after the “sexy” wears off.  We earn it when we have the willingness to eat dirt, play the fool, and do the uncomfortable work of unlearning beliefs that don’t serve us in order to become the person we want to be and live the life we imagine.

When we start doing the right work we realize how uncomplicated life actually is and how free and powerful we actually are.

My life has given me undeniable proof of 2 things:

  1. If we are dependent on, or allow others to determine our worth, our life will feel like an exhausting up-hill sprint for something that is always slipping from our grasp.
  2. Life is always happening in our favor, if that’s how we choose to see it.  What I mean is, even the most painfully gut-wrenching experiences have something to offer us that can be used to elevate and propel ourselves forward.  

The mission of Alpha Maiden is alignment with that and I Love It!!

I’ll close with this…
What we think, believe, perceive and how we choose meaning is not only our freedom but also our responsibility.
How WE choose to define and utilize our experiences is the recipe for an inspired and meaningful life.

Gratitude and Love for You, and to all the Courageous Women who continue to Rise Up and open their hearts even more.


Learn more about Janelle Teta and what she is doing with #ResilientAF HERE.

Instagram: @janelleteta

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