I am passionate about helping people understand the importance of conscious observation in everyday life. I want people to develop skills that can save their life and of their loved ones. I especially love teaching women and beginners in an tactiCOOL free environment.

I believe that if you choose to own guns, you have a responsibility to educate yourself and consistently train. Gun safety is absolutely paramount and those who make the decision to have guns in their lives must become responsible gun owners. There is *so* much more to owning a gun than the purchase.

Additionally, I want to continue to develop training courses that remove the macho gun-culture and offer intimidation free training for individuals (and families!) who want to learn IF gun ownership is right for them. Not everyone wants to get embroiled in buying a bunch of camouflage or putting gun stickers on their cars. I believe everyone should be able to find information and training without being ridiculed or treated in a condescending manner. They also should be afforded knowledge of ways to protect themselves other than firearms.

Owning a gun isn’t right for everyone.

USAF veteran (Munitions Specialist, 523rd Combat Munitions Unit)
Former LEO (New Mexico and Arizona)
Special area of focus: violent offenders
PADI Rescue Diver
NRA certified firearms instructor

Background: raised on a ranch and began shooting with my dad at about 6 years old, took first firearms safety class at 16

Philosophy: Personal accountability, self-reliance, conscious observation, survival mindset

Lives in Arizona with Joker the Mal




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