Think about the goals you have right now. Maybe it’s to lose weight, build muscle or finally be able to do a pull-up.
Now imagine you have done the work to achieve this goal. You put in the hard work, effort and you were successful.Who is this person? The person who achieves this goal is not the person you’ve been up to this point.

The person who achieves the goal you’ve always wanted is the empowered version of yourself. In order to move forward and evolve, you must step into your empowered state and be this person.

So think about achieving the goal you deeply desire.

Then ask how your empowered self would show up.

How does your empowered self plan their day?

How does your empowered self exercise? How is their nutrition?

How does your empowered self handle things when shit gets tough and obstacles stand in the way?

What does your empowered self do in order to achieve what they set their mind out to do?

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