Weekly Burn:

This is going to be “Fun.”

Upper Body Workout

Most people who have worked out with me know that I say the word, “Fun” a lot. I have been accused of having a different definition of the word fun than most people… They think I’m crazy. I think it’s just a good’ole time.
Here’s a “Fun” workout to brighten your day.

Remember to choose a weight that is challenging, but one you can control.

Stretch the pecs and back. Foam roll the lats. Use the band to warm up the shoulders with IR/ER (Internal/External Rotation. Tutorial video is here.)

4 x 10
(4 Sets of 10 reps for each exercise.)

1A.) Dips
1B.) Pull-ups
(Use a band for assistance if needed.)

2A.) Cable Chest Fly
2B.) BB Bent Over Row

3A.) Push-ups
3B.) Cable Lat Pulldown

4A.) Sled Push
4B.) Renegade Rows

Cool Down:
Downward Facing Dog, Puppy Pose.
Stretch Chest and Back
Foam Roll


Don’t forget to have FUN!

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