Abby is a horse trainer & firearms instructor.  She has had a passion for horses since she was 2, when you couldn’t pull her off her Play-School rocking horse without a fight. She has traveled the country riding, training, teaching, managing & showing in both show jumpers and dressage.  This routinely entailed hauling a truck & trailer loaded with millions of dollars of horses, stopping at truck stops in the middle of the night. It was during this time that she realized the necessity of self defense and the importance of a distance tool.  With the guidance of a friend, she discovered firearms.
After working at the Grand Prix level for over a decade, Abby left the chaos of the show world to pursue a more relaxed lifestyle. During this time, her love of firearms deepened; She got involved locally with a women’s shooting league, initially just looking to meet other women who shoot.  Helping these women discover things that she had to fumble through, lit a spark which developed into a teaching position.  Abby is passionate about teaching the rapidly increasing number of new gun owners about being a responsible gun owner and concealed carrier.  She is dedicated to continuing her education as well, committing herself to taking advanced level courses at least every other month.
Instagram: @ArmedEquestrian