11 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Your confidence isn’t built by being told you’re perfect and should never change. Confidence is built by falling down and getting back up again. Confidence is built by doing something that creates a sense of fulfillment. It’s built by helping and serving others in our community and becoming a leader.   If we build our confidence by how we look and how much praise we get from others, when someone inevitably says something hurtful, or when someone doesn’t go our way, our confidence will drop and our identity may even shatter along with it.   If our foundation is built off superficial things, then it can all come falling down by superficial things too.   Build your confidence by developing:   Your character Your integrity Your resilience Your grit Your perseverance Your kindness   Your confidence will naturally build by: Helping others Serving your community Building something important (a business, legacy, support group) Watering your own grass and not fixating on others’ grass Focusing on self improvementIn what ways have you built your confidence? Message me and let me know!

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Are we products of our environment or is it just an excuse?

I recently created a poll. How much does our environment play into our success? Whether it’s business, fitness or nutrition related. 80% said our environment matters & 20% said people just use it as an excuse to not stay motivated. A friend of mine gave a couple of great examples:   1. That’s why we’re always encouraging our kids to hang out with good friends, because we know they’re influenced by who they surround themselves with.   2.  If we have one clean towel & several dirty towels, and we rub the clean towel against all the dirty ones, the clean towel doesn’t stay clean, it gets dirty.   It’s true. Those we surround ourself with greatly impact our interests, mood, motivation, mindset, everything. If we’re constantly surrounded by positive, driven people, it’s only going to accelerate our success. Just like the saying, you're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. There's a lot of merit to that.   If your environment is not supportive or even toxic, it’s going to hinder your success. Yes, it is still possible to become successful in a non-supportive environment, but it will be much harder to overcome.   We put a lot of value in our relationships & jobs because [...]

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3 Ways to Relieve Stress FAST

Back before the internet, you got your mail in actual envelopes and you got some calls on a landline. Today is a different story. We’re all running around overstimulated and overwhelmed. You check your email all day long, only to have a full inbox when going to bed, your boss texts you at 8pm on a Sunday night about a project deadline, your DM’s are always full on your social media platforms, you have a family, try to stay in shape and attempt to have a social life too. There is a never ending to do list, and constantly something taking your attention. Damn, I noticed my heart rate elevated just from writing that paragraph. It’s insane, right?   Don’t get me wrong, the internet and social media is wonderful, it’s a powerful tool to connect with others from all around the world and make a greater impact because our circle of influence reaches much further. But it’s not surprising that we have higher numbers of anxiety, depression, constant overwhelm and day-to-day stress.   The overstimulation isn’t going away. Unless you quit all social media and live off the grid. Since it’s not going away, we need to learn to manage the stress so we aren’t constantly running around like a chicken [...]

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October Alpha Maiden of the Month – Sepi Melamed

My name is Sepi Melamed.  I’m a wife and mother of two amazing, strong minded teenagers. I’m a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kaizen Karate, 3rd Degree Black Belt in Krav Maga, awarded to me by John Whitman, founder of the Krav Maga Alliance and Co-writer of the book “Complete Krav Maga”. I’m one of the select few who has been awarded “Train the Trainer” status by the John Whitman and the Krav Maga Alliance. Recently I started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and have become obsessed! I have achieved the rank of Blue Belt and recently won Gold in IBJJF World Masters Championship back in Aug. A very proud moment for me. Yay! I started my Martial Arts journey about 17 years ago. One of the most obvious reasons for training was to take control of my own safety against a possible violent encounter.  As I like to say, Martial Arts gives me a fighting chance! However, it’s the benefits of training is what has me hooked for life. Training in Karate, Krav Maga and BJJ has given me confidence! I’ve become a a go getter and someone who refuses to give up.  Martial Arts has transformed my body and mindset.  Through Martial Arts, I have developed life-long friendships, some of whom [...]

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September Alpha Maiden of the Month – Amy Robbins

  This months Alpha Maiden is someone I first heard about through her clothing brand, then later found out she also has a podcast! Not only is she strong, resilient and beautiful, she also is passionate about helping other women feel safe and confident, all without having to sacrifice the desire to feel feminine & dressing in style. As a woman in the fitness industry, I can relate to her mission. I don't want to wear heavy duty tactical pants all day ever day in my job simply in order to carry. Her mission with her clothing brand and podcast bridges the gap to help more women feel comfortable learning about owning a firearm without feeling intimidated or like you'll have to change your entire lifestyle in order to feel safe. She also understands that owning a firearm isn't for every woman, and as such she gracefully educates all her followers that her line of clothing can also safely conceal other self-defense tools like pepper spray or tasters. Just be sure to check your individual state conceal carry laws before choosing what to carry.   Without further ado, meet Amy Robbins. Founder of clothing brand, Alexo Athletica and co-host to the Not Your Average Gun Girls Podcast.   I created Alexo Athletica because no [...]

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The Two Biggest Mistakes Women Make In The Gym

If you’re a woman who’s new to the gym, chances are you’ve been overloaded with information and you’re not sure what is the right thing to do. In this blog we discuss the most common mistakes women make in the gym, and what to do instead. One of the first mistakes women make is thinking they need different supplements and products than men. Have you ever gone to a local supplement store or scrolled through instagram looking for fitness inspiration, only to see a ton of products or ads claiming they’re made just for women?   Yeah, me too. I went to a GNC recently and saw a ‘just for women’ protein powder. It was flashy with pink lettering and a thin silhouette of a woman on the front. Curious, I looked at the back to see the nutrition labeling. It had less grams of protein per scoop than the other regular brands. It was even in a smaller container. But it cost about the same. It made me angry because I wonder how many women fall prey to this marketing nonsense! One of the biggest fitness mistakes women make when trying to improve their health is falling for this BS marketing. Just because it says it’s for women doesn’t mean it’s [...]

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