My name is Leanne and I am a lawyer, advocate and life coach. I have a particular passion for working with women who have been in abusive relationships and helping empower them to move forward confidently in their lives. I know first hand what it is like to be in an unhealthy relationship where you are constantly told you aren’t good enough, why it is challenging to leave a bad relationship despite this treatment, and how it feels to have almost no self worth.


I also know what it is like to self medicate the pain away by emotional eating and having an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. I know what it is like to smile on the outside and look pretty, while inside everything is a mess. I also know what is like to feel so much shame that you are afraid to reach out to anyone for fear of judgment and loss of respect.


Through my own journey, I learned the tools to heal and recover from having no self esteem to become a confident, empowered woman, and it is my mission to help other women do the same. As a lawyer I practise in the areas of family and criminal law, and I have particular expertise in domestic violence as I was the lead domestic prosecutor in my office for many years. I help clients navigate the legal system and I also am a supportive coach when needed. It is wonderful to be able to have a meaningful impact in my client’s lives by helping them get the results they want in their legal battles and helping empower them to stand up for their rights. I am excited to be launching a coaching division of my business that will focus on helping women become empowered to lead an healthy lifestyle and make the necessary to changes to lead the life of their dreams.


To me, the words Alpha Maiden, mean a strong, empowered woman who is a light in this world and leading other women to empowerment too.

– Leanne


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